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 Torraspapel and Sarriópapel Distribución Merge to Form the Largest Paper Merchant in Spain 


The resulting group offers the widest, most competitive and sustainable product portfolio for the Graphic Arts industry in Spain.


In light of current market conditions in both the graphic arts and paper industries in Europe, Torraspapel, part of the Lecta Group, has decided to integrate Torraspapel and Sarriópapel Distribución, two of the largest and best-known distributors in the Spanish market.


The new merchant, called Torraspapel Distribución, is organized in accordance with current market demands, with a wider range of products, continued national coverage and the continued ability to offer high-quality service to its customers quickly and reliably.


As of January 1, Spanish customers can contact our new Customer Service Center by phone as well as visit our new website – completely revamped, resulting from our experience and customer feedback – at www.torrasdistribucion.com