New Water Treatment
Plant at Lecta’s Zaragoza Mill

March 2015. The 3.5 million euro investment in a new treatment plant results in a significant improvement in the quality of the water returned to the environment.

Creaset: Paper for Labels and Flexible Packaging

February 2015. Creaset Endless Possibilities line of one-side coated papers specially designed for labels and flexible packaging applications.

Lecta Announces a Price Increase on CWF Papers Effective 1st July 2015

May 2015. The price increase by Lecta will range from 6 to 8% and will be applied on its 2 side CWF papers.

Lecta Sponsors “Global Packaging Summit 2015”

February 2015. Experts from the packaging industry met in Barcelona to discuss the latest developments in a fast-moving sector.